Lake Facts

Long Lake has a legal lake level of 856.0 feet above mean sea level established by circuit court order.


Based on information from the Michigan Geographic Data Library, Long Lake is the 220th largest lake in Michigan. Click here for a downloadable copy of Long Lake Facts & Figures.

Lake Surface Area                              496 acres
Maximum Depth                                    57 feet
Mean Depth                                           9.2 feet
Lake Volume                                     4,543 acre-feet
Shoreline Length                                  6.3 miles
Shoreline Development Factor           2.0
Lake Elevation                                     856 feet

Click here for the report on the 1997 Michigan Department of Natural Resources fish survey.


Click on the adjacent map to get a copy of the Long Lake depth contour map in pdf format.


Long Lake was first mapped by the Michigan Department of Conservation in 1953. Depth measurements in those days were conducted during the winter months. Holes were drilled through the ice and water depths were measured with weighted drop lines. It was not uncommon for field crews to spend several days on a lake drilling holes and taking meticulous measurements of water depths and bottom substrate. The depth contour map pictured here incorporates the original depth measurements with recent ortho-digital aerial photography used to define the current lake shoreline.


Long Lake flows into Austin Lake which flows into the Portage River, the St. Joseph River, and eventually into Lake Michigan. The elevation of Long Lake lies approximately 276 feet above Lake Michigan.

Long Lake Biobase Aquatic Vegetation Biovolume Map 2021
Long Lake Biobase Aquatic Vegetation Biovolume Map 2021

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Long Lake Biobase Depth Contour Map 2021
Long Lake Biobase Depth Contour Map 2021

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